North American/Wish You Were Here Tour- 1975


"This is great rock and roll." - Vitale on Pink Floyd

"Raving and Drooling" (early version of "Sheep")
"You Gotta Be Crazy" (early version of "Dogs")
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)"
"Have a Cigar"
"Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX)"
Dark Side of the Moon:
"Speak to Me"
"On the Run"
"The Great Gig in the Sky"
"Us and Them"
"Any Colour You Like"
"Brain Damage"

BELOW:  "Shine on You Crazy Diamond Parts I-IV Live at the Los Angeles Sports Arena" & "Time"

Pink Floyd is a psychedelic rock band formed in 1965 by Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, Richard Wright, and later, David Gilmour. Hailed as one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Pink Floyd's progressive stance changed the music business forever.

Pink Floyd's 1975 tour was in support of their albums "Dark Side of the Moon", which had recently been completed, the yet to be released "Wish You Were Here", and early versions of songs from "Animals". Because "Wish You Were Here" and "Animals" had yet to be recorded, the versions performed in the first half of the show were slightly different than what was put on the actual records. 

During Floyd's stay at the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the Los Angeles police commissioner increased the security presence inside the arena to catch concert-goers with drugs every night, which led to many violent arrests and almost riots during the concerts. 
This tour was also the last time "Echoes" would be performed in its entirety with the entire band.

"Shine on You Crazy Diamond" which is featured on the "Wish You Were Here" album, was written by bassist Roger Waters about ex-founding member Syd Barret, who lost his sanity while with the band. During recording of the song, Barret unexpectedly showed up at the recording studio and watched from the sound booth. His physical appearance had changed so much, that the band at first did not recognize him. When they realized who he was, they played him a sample of "Crazy Diamond", only for him to not see how it related to his plight. That was the last time the band saw Barret alive.
 Below: Syd Barret at Abbey Road Recording Studios during the "Wish You Were Here" sessions.