Pearl Harbour '79 Tour


"One of my favorite bands of all time."- Vitale on the Clash

The Clash were a punk band formed in England in 1974 by Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Nicky "Topper" Headon. In support of their self-titled debut and second album, "Give 'Em Enough Rope", The Clash toured North America for their first time starting in February of 1979. Starting in Vancouver, Canada they boarded a tour bus and drove across international lines headed towards LA. On their first morning in America, the Clash learned about Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious's suicide. A great way to start their first morning in the USA.

"The Only Band that Matters."

The Clash's first tour included R&B legend Bo Diddley.
Often billed as "The Only Band that Matters", the Clash's first tour of the United States was moderately successful and sold out. After this tour was over, the Clash would go on to record the double LP "London Calling", ranked by "Rolling Stone Magazine" as number 8 on their "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" List. The song "Guns of Brixton" would become a massive hit, later being covered by many bands and remixed into other songs such as Cypress Hill's "What's Your Number?"

"The thing I really like about punk is that anything anyone writes about it is wrong." -Ted Castle.

I'm so Bored with USA
Drug Stabbing Time
Jail Guitar Doors
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Hate and War
Clash City Rockers
White Man In Ham Palais
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Stay Free
English Civil War
Guns On the Roof
Police and Thieves
Complete Control
Complete Control
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London's Burning
White Riot